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The Enduring Value of Quality Epson Printer Replacement Cartridges

Other than the computer itself, a printer may be the most vital piece of equipment for any office, be it a small home-based business or world-class multinational company. The lifeline of any business usually revolves around printing in some form or another, including invoices, bills, budgets, strategic planning documents, pictures, research proposals, mockups, theses, or hundreds of other applications. Accordingly, it is important to select a printer that not only fits your budget, but also has the quality to create products of excellence and the durability to last for several years of continuous printing requirements.

There are basically two types of printers available today: inkjet printers and laser printers. Inkjet printers are equipped with an inkjet cartridge, which is essentially a small container about the size of cellular phone, which has separate reservoirs of different colored inks, usually three colors plus black. The printing driver communicates to the cartridge which reservoirs to use, and then the cartridge slides across the surface of the paper in the printer. Using either heat or an static-electric charge as a trigger, the print cartridge sprays or deposits droplets of ink onto the paper. Because it is in liquid form, the ink must dry very quickly to prevent streaking, and therefore most inks are made out of quick drying solvent, or are water-based inks mixed with alcohol to speed drying.

The other option is a laser printer. Rather than using liquid-based inks, a laser printer user a powdery, carbon based polymer that is stored in long tube-like toner cartridges, usually around a half-meter in length. A printing drum (usually made of silicon) is charged with static electricity. The different charge arrangements on the drum cause the different colors of powder to stick to the drum, and subsequently to the paper as it passes over the drum. The paper is then heated to around two-hundred degrees Celsius to melt (also called “fusing”) the powder onto the paper.

Both of these types of printers have advantages and disadvantages, and it important to select a printer that best fits your needs and budget. Inkjet printers tend to be less expensive than laser printers, but the cost of ownership is higher. For example, it usually costs more per page to print from an inkjet than from a laser printer, and a cartridge often needs to be replaced every one-hundred fifty to two-hundred pages. Laser printers tend to be a little quieter than inkjets, and of course far quieter than dot-matrix printers, making them a good choice for busy offices with substantial printing volume. The toner cartridges also last much longer, usually between five thousand and eight thousand pages, meaning that they have to be serviced far less frequently than inkjet printers. Typically, home users choose to purchase inkjet printers because of the lower up-front costs, while businesses usually prefer laser printers due to the increased speed and product life-span.

Whichever type of printer you choose to purchase, it is important to choose a printer with a reputation for quality and innovation. Since its founding in 1942, Epson has consistently proven to be a leader in quality printers, as well as many other technological innovations. In 1980, in the early days of computer printing, the Epson MX-80 was the leading dot-matrix printer in the world. In 1994, they again led the way by releasing the first high-resolution inkjet printer, the Epson Stylus Color printer. Today, Epson is one of the elite printer manufacturers in the world.

However, while it is advisable to purchase a name-brand printer, that is not always as true for the ink and toner cartridge replacement. Research and experience have demonstrated that a quality compatible (also called a generic) replacement for a printer cartridge can be just as effective as the more expensive original. For example, between sixty-five to seventy percent of people who try a compatible cartridge never buy a name-brand cartridge again, which indicates that most people find no difference between the original cartridge and a quality generic replacement. However, consumers who buy the cheapest replacements often find that they are such poor quality that they have to soon purchase another replacement. It is important to find a quality generic as well as a good value, and our store guarantees that our cartridges are always high-quality replacement cartridges for your Epson printer, not an inferior substitute.

For many reasons, it is almost always less expensive to purchase printer supplies from an Internet-based company like ours than from a brick-and-mortar store. For example, physical stores have certain basic expenses - such as heating, lighting, and shoplifters - that online stores like ours do not have to consider. Additionally, because our on-line store does not have to pay for the rising costs of retail space in the UK, our storage costs are often significantly less, and we can pass these savings onto the customer.

An online store can also provide more specialized service and selection than a traditional store. Whereas a physical store has to stock a certain variety of items to cover their costs, an online store can focus on one particular product, and provide the best service and selection for that product. Our expertise with quality generic cartridges for Epson printers means that we can provide the best solution for you, one that is customized for your home or business. Our focus and attention makes us the best choice for your printing needs.

A few years ago, it was predicted that Western civilization was moving towards a “paper-less society,” in which paper and printers would play a very small part. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In North America alone, office printers churn out 1.2 trillion sheets in one year, and this does not include all of the home-based printing. Clearly, printers are a centerpiece of the world economy, and they will continue to be an essential part of any business. When you need quality generic replacements for your Epson printer, we provide the highest quality and best value for your printing investment.

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